Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps SHR-250ST

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General Introduction

▶SME rubber lined slurry pumps are designed for heavy duty corrosive slurries.

▶This pump is perfect for difficult mill duties. It has a long wear life and is extremely cost efficient. The use of effective liners make this pump easy to maintain.

▶This is a heavy duty slurry pump that is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It is highly efficient and corrosion and erosion resistant

▶Applications like fine tailings, coal, heavy slurry, Ni-acid slurry, Phosphoric acid, process chemical, pulp and paper. 


Performance Curve



Description of Parts  Material  Material Code 
Pump Body, Split-Casing Grey Iron  G20/G21
Ductile Iron  D20/D21
Impeller, Inner Liners  Natural Rubber  R55
Premium Black Natural Rubber  R33
Black Soft Rubber  R26
Black Natural Rubber  R08
Shaft  304 Stainless Steel C21
316 Stainless Steel C23
Shaft Sleeve  304 Stainless Steel C21
316 Stainless Steel C23
Aluminum Oxide Coating, White J04
Chrome Oxide Coating, Black J05


Driven Type:

DC(z): The pump and the engine is directlyconnetced by a coupling. 

Belt-driven Types: The pump and the engine is connetced by pulleys and belts --- CV, CR(z), ZV(z). 

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